Care Instructions

Gold filled: It is a technique used to make jewelry by combining solid 14k gold with another metal. It has the same luster and lasts as long as pure gold. It is tarnish safe if cleaned and storage properly. Gold filled pieces are water friendly. If piece has not been worn for a period of time, it will oxidize just as sterling silver does, therefore we recommend cleaning with a polish cloth to make it look like new again. 

.925 Sterling silver: Due to the fact that silver in its purest form is too soft to use in everyday jewelry pieces, most items are combined with another metal to make it more durable. However, since sterling silver is still a delicate metal, it is still prone to oxidize. We recommend our customers to occasionally clean their jewelry with a polishing cloth. 

Natural Silk: While the silk’s color is safe, we do recommend you rinse with cold water after being submerged into salty water or chlorine. Avoid contact with perfume or any alcohol substances.